Seat Cushions

New Seats

LongHaul Technologies, combined with the manufacturing capabilities of Vita Materials, who have been involved in producing state-of-the-art standard aircraft seats since 1959. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to offer professional guidance and expertise from the initial concept and material selection, right through to final testing and delivery. Our design team and modern production equipment mean we have the capacity to undertake large projects including those with tailored design requirements. We continue to research and investigate new and innovative materials so that we produce products of the highest quality, and our clients and their customers experience the best possible result.

Our foam structures are carefully shaped and contoured to fit into each aircraft seat structure and more than adequately support the body of the person sitting in the seat. We will integrate head and lumbar support along with specially designed ergonomic noses to meet the required specifications.

At LongHaul Technologies we understand our customer’s needs and know that comfort and price must combine perfectly with fire-resistance and weight-saving qualities. Our new foam seat cushions are entirely made-to-order for your individual requirements, and we provide samples and solutions throughout the process. Our complete direct-to-line service means we offer more than just the foam moulding, as we can also provide fire-blockers, hook and eye fastening, as well as all labelling and dress covers required in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. We know that turnaround times for upgrading a cabin interior are tight, and so we offer a rapid-response service to always deliver on time.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Services (MRO)

Our expertise also lies in the ability to update and refurbish seats for the most cost-effective and efficient way to renew and repair an interior. Whether it is to replace damaged seats, maintain a modern design, or simply ensure the continued comfort of the passengers, LongHaul Technologies can refurbish existing seat cushions and reverse engineer them to meet the customer’s specifications. Our factory is fully equipped with the machinery and knowledge needed to replace all or part of the seat structure from the interior foam body to the external dress cover.

If we are given detailed specifications we have the capability to produce 16g seats. We offer a range of foams of varying densities that we can laminate onto dress covers to revive the seats rather than needing to replace them entirely. We can also offer a range of graphite and combustion modified polyurethane foams to meet restrictive fire specifications.


CAD Suite

Our AutoCAD design suite and experienced engineers will guide you through each stage from concept to full production.

We can replicate and reverse engineer each seat cushion into a 3D model to provide an accurate reconstruction.

Dress Cover Lamination

We produce composites with foam and scrims or fire blockers using the appropriate aircraft grade adhesives suitable for textile, e-leather, and natural leather. These can be supplied in roll or sheet form for dress cover manufacturers.

Material Sourcing

We can accommodate all design requirements, and can source new and innovative materials to meet individual needs and applications.

CNC Cutting

Our advanced CNC machines can produce virtually any 2D or 3D contours with a high degree of accuracy, meaning customer drawings and models can quickly be converted into finished products.

Side Wall Panels

We can also supply a range of materials for side wall panels to ensure a more luxurious feel.

Fire Testing

We work with companies to produce prototypes and fire test samples to achieve unparalleled results.

Direct To Line Deliveries

Our vast experience in global shipping for direct-to-line and just-in-time deliveries means that you can rely on your seats being ready when you need them.


LongHaul Technologies are proud to have developed and produced seat cushions for some of the world’s leading airline and seat manufacturers, including:

We are experts in our field and look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Whether you require new seats, or a fully refurbished cabin, you can be assured that LongHaul Technologies will deliver the highest quality product, exactly when you need it.

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