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The ‘LongHaul Technology Inside’ air foam cushion system enhances passenger comfort whilst achieving up to an unmatched 45% reduction in cushion weight in an effort to reduce airplane fuel consumption and increase efficiency.

The air foam cushion maximises the contact between a passenger’s body and the seat cushion surface for superior levels of comfort. At the touch of a button the innovative valve design allows the passenger’s weight to exhaust the air from the cushion and provide a personalised contoured seat. This distributes weight more evenly and provides enhanced support and luxury while being seated for a long period.

The LongHaul Technology is also utilised by many other industries outside the aircraft sector where comfortable seating is required. We can help with all your seating specifications.

Technical Information

The LongHaul Technology holds several health and commercial benefits over standard airline cushions:

LongHaul technology blood circulation and flow

Circulation & Comfort

Seat bottom and nose deflation allows passengers of shorter heights to rest both feet on the floor for improved posture and blood flow.

Contoured Cushions

The seat moulds to each passenger’s body shape allowing even spreading of weight over the cushion area to reduce pressure points and discomfort.

Focused Support

Lumbar support stops the pelvis from rotating which can cause lower back pain and discomfort

DVT Aware

The seat adjustments aim to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and leave passengers feeling rested and refreshed after a long journey. The seat nose cushion relieves pressure at the back of the knees where restricted blood flow is known to cause issues.

LongHaul Technology Valve Seat Bottom Cushion reinflation

Fast Re-Inflation

Cushions automatically reset so no staff adjustment is required during turnaround.

LongHaul Technology Lightweight

Weight Reduction

With up to a 45% reduction in weight over standard cushions this technology provides lower weights for better fuel efficiency.

Product Capabilities

LongHaul Technologies create bespoke products for a specific solution to your requirements. We specialise in manufacturing the following products for varied industries:

Head Rest

Lie Flat Seat

Pilot Seat

Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion Nose

Pelvic / Lumbar Support


LongHaul Technologies are proud to have developed and produced seat cushions for some of the world’s leading airline and seat manufacturers, including:

We are experts in our field and look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Whether you require new seats, or a fully refurbished cabin, you can be assured that LongHaul Technologies will deliver the highest quality product, exactly when you need it.

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